5 Rupee Indira Gandhi Coin - I'm selling it at an amazing price (2023)

Hello friends today we are going to talk about them5 Indira rupeesGandhi coin. Do you also have this 5 rupee coin in your collection? If yes, then this vlog is just for you, to get the complete information, please stay with us till the end. Many of you have heard about this coin on social media, where the value of this coin is thousands and lakhs. Here I will tell you about the true value of this 5 rupee coin..

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So let's start the vlog with a brief information about this 5 rupee coin. The Indira Gandhi 5 rupee coin has a maximum variety of coins, but it is strange that 5 rupee denominations were the last to come into vogue compared to other denominations. smt. Indira Gandhi was the first and only female Prime Minister of India to be assassinated in 1984.

In honor of Indira Gandhi in 1985, the Government of India established India 1calle5 rupee coin. These were issued by the Bombay and Hyderabad Mint. These 5 rupee coins were also released in test games and UNC games. The proof coin sets include coins from 50 countries, 5 rupees, 20 rupees and 100 rupees. On the other hand, UNC sets have 20 rupee and 100 rupee coins.

Now let's talk about the specificity of this Indira Gandhi 5 rupee coin:

  • This is not just India's 1calleIndira Gandhi's coin of 5 rupees but at the same time 1 from IndiacalleCoin worth 5 rupees.
  • Larger in diameter and weight (the only other coin of the same size is the 1989 Jawaharlal Nehru 5 rupee coin).

Details of this commemorative coin:-


Asoka lion plinth, designation below

And and
truth always wins
5 rupees


Bust of Indira Gandhi facing right

NOTE: Different mintmarks
♦ (small dot/diamond) = Bombay
B (letter "B") = Mumbai exam problems
* (five-pointed star) = Hyderabad

Indira Gandhi
1917 – 1984

Now let us know the physical specifications of this 5 rupee coin:

  • Shape - circular
  • Metal - copper and nickel
  • Weight - 12.5 grams
  • Diameter - 31 mm
  • edge - safety
  • Edge: flat trimmed (dotted edge)

Now take a look at the price, the price of this Indira Gandhi 5 rupee coin is between 100-150 rupees. These coins cost around 5928800, so these coins are not that valuable. So if you have this 5 rupee coin and want to sell it, visit thecoinbazzar.comWebsite or directly download the Coinbazzar application dedicated to numismatics. Sell ​​your products here; This is one of the best Indian numismatics apps. Register as a seller, list your products and earn good money. I hope you find the information in this vlog very useful.

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100 und 5 Bhagwan Mahavir 2600. Janm Kalyanak Set Coins Very Rare UNC Issued 2001

5 Rupee Dandi March Reverse Lot of 20 Fss Steel Very Rare

RS 5 Begum Akhtar Centenary Commemorative Coin Lot of two packages Obverse: Ashoka Pillar lion capital Reverse: Bust of Begam Akhtar on obverse with dates 1914-2014 and legend BEGAM AKHTAR BIRTH CENTENARY in Roman and Devanagri

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Top 10 Rarest British Indian Coins:-

  • 1840 One Rupee - William IV
  • 1939 One Rupee - George V
  • 1880 Half Rupee - Queen Victoria
  • Media rupiah 1911 - Jorge V
  • 1879 Half Rupee - Queen Victoria
  • Anna Act of 1920 – George V
  • 1883 half rupee - Queen Victoria
  • 1878 half rupee - Queen Victoria
  • 1897 One Rupee - Queen Victoria
  • Calcutta Half Rupee Coin, 1876 - Queen Victoria

How to sell your old coins:-

It can be seen that people often keep old coins very carefully. But the price of these ancient coins has become very high now. In turn, you can earn thousands of rupees by selling these coins. So let us know how you can make tons of money selling these ancient and rare coins. You can sell your old coins and banknotes on the online platform. Today, there are many online websites and apps dedicated solely to numismatics and one of them is coinbazzar.com. Number 1 site where you can get a 100% 100% genuine item guarantee.

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Things to consider when listing your coins:-

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So if you are a buyer and want to collect these beautiful and extremely rare coins, how to buy:-

Only buy coins from trusted platforms like Coinbazzar.com. Where you can get the guarantee of the 100% original article. Do not buy from websites that do not have the correct knowledge of coin and banknote collecting, such as: B. Snapdeal, shopping streets. These website sellers sell fake coins by listing pictures of genuine items at a low price, but when you receive the item, the items are fake and made in China.

They import these coins from China and sell them on Snapdeal and other platforms. You can see these fake items on Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com. Please don't waste your cash on these fake coins. So we share a list of fake coins. Be careful and only buy items from reputable sources. This list contains only counterfeit British India coins.

More information on counterfeit coins from British India

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