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With its glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, the Frankfurt skyline can resemble an American city. Frankfurt am Main, to use its full name, is the fifth largest city in Germany and a major financial and economic center. And with a growing expat population, the city is becoming an extremely desirable destination for people from all over the world. Put Manhattan aside, it's all about "Mainhattan" now.

From the bustling city center to the leafy suburbs, browse Nestpick to find many great apartments in Frankfurt. Prices in the central areas of the city tend to be higher than in the suburbs, although this is just a general rule of thumb, and monthly rents for Frankfurt apartments can depend on other variables such as size, style, and quantity. of comforts.

Furnished apartments in Frankfurt come in all shapes, sizes and styles, with a range of options to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Prices range from €700 for a cheap 1-bedroom apartment on the outskirts to over €2,000 for a 2-bedroom property in the city centre.

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bockenheimer apartments

Bockenheim is characterized by contrasts. On the one hand, the district borders the exclusive Westend with its fabulous green spaces and is home to several sophisticated and high-end villas. On the other hand, it is characterized by uniform modern living conditions and a proletarian and multicultural ethos.

The neighborhood is one of the more cosmopolitan parts of the city and offers a wide range of reasonably priced restaurants, bars and shops to cater to the locals. The colorful Leipziger Strasse and the streets of Adalbertstrasse are where most of the action happens, with a fantastic selection of Turkish restaurants. In short, Bockenheim offers some of the most underrated restaurants in Frankfurt am Main.

The neighborhood also offers recreational opportunities. The green parks surrounding the Westend are close by and you will find many opportunities for a Bockenheimer "Fitnessstudio" (a German term for a health club or gym).

Bockenheim was formerly home to Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (which has since moved to the Westend), and much of the student-oriented infrastructure is still in place. With a long history of immigration to the area, you will feel right at home as an expat.

When searching for an apartment in Bockenheim, you should consider variables such as rent, utilities, standard amenities, age, and the location of the apartment.

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Moving and looking for a flat in Frankfurt

When you think of Frankfurt, the first thing that comes to mind is probably hot dogs. However, the place is much, much more than a fast food joint. With the fourth busiest airport in Europe, one of the biggest football clubs in Germany, and a plethora of bars, restaurants, galleries, and clubs, the city is a true success story.

Welcome to the real Frankfurt: the largest financial center on the European continent and the most international city in Germany. In fact, one in three city dwellers are expats, so you're in good company. This diversity is reflected in Frankfurt's culture, from the cuisine to the nightlife. No matter where you come from, Frankfurt has something in store for you.

When moving to Frankfurt, it is important that you are already familiar with local prices and the cost of living. While the city is cheaper than Munich, it's also more expensive than Berlin, so you can easily spend more than you want.

It's also wise to research the part of town you plan to live in; Like any city, Frankfurt's neighborhoods can vary significantly. When looking for accommodation, you should consider the accessibility, transport links, safety and local amenities of an area before deciding on an apartment.

Student residence in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is an incredibly cosmopolitan and multicultural city and a fantastic place to study. Home to a variety of top universities, including the famous Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt has a large student population with a significant contingent of international students.

Frankfurt is not a particularly cheap city to live in. If you're traveling on a tight budget, you should definitely weigh all your belongings. With a little preparation and research, you should be able to find suitable student accommodation in Frankfurt, Germany.

For an affordable option, check out the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main: a student organization that caters primarily to international students and offers student accommodation in Frankfurt. However, due to the large number of foreign students, the chances of getting a place in one of these rooms are minimal. In fact, the most successful applicants are required to reserve a year before moving in!

Private alternatives are more expensive but offer more options in terms of space, apartment style, and location. Many students choose affordable one-bedroom apartments in the less expensive suburbs, while others opt for shared apartments. If you're looking for great student accommodation in Frankfurt, look no further than Nestpick.

Public transportation in Frankfurt

With its globally recognized status in the financial and business world, around 300,000 passengers commute to Frankfurt am Main every day to work there. However, the geographical area of ​​Frankfurt is actually quite small. This means getting around is relatively easy, and the city's fast, accessible, and easy-to-use public transportation system certainly helps with that.

Public transport in Frankfurt is operated by the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). Buses, trams, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and regional trains all operate as part of the RMV, so one ticket can cover your entire trip, even if you have to switch between two different modes of transportation.

Trains are the best way to get around the city as they are fast, safe and easy to use. The S-Bahn is a suburban rail system that serves Frankfurt and neighboring cities. There are nine lines, with trains leaving every half hour.

The U-Bahn is an underground system that runs underground in the center of Frankfurt. On the outskirts, it usually runs at street level.

Although there are no crossing barriers at the stations, there are specific controls on the trains; So it's definitely advisable to make sure you've bought a ticket if you want to avoid a hefty €60 fine.

Frankfurt's bus and tram system has its own routes that differ from the trains, although the costs are more or less the same. If you want to get to a quieter and more remote part of the city, buses are probably your best option, as they cover a larger area. Bus tickets can be bought at the train stations and also on the buses themselves.

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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Frankfurt?
According to the Nestpick database, average apartment rental prices in Frankfurt range from €27 to €3,847.
How big is an apartment in Frankfurt?
Although the size can vary depending on the choice of rooms, according to the Nestpick database, apartments in Frankfurt start at 20m² and can go up to 100m².
How to find apartments for rent in Frankfurt?
Frankfurt's population can make it a bit difficult for newcomers to find an apartment when they first move in. We recommend that you use Nestpick's smart tool to find your new home, and if you're a student, contact your school's advice center to find an apartment to rent in Frankfurt.
Is it cheap to rent in Frankfurt?
According to the Nestpick database, rents in Frankfurt can range from €27 to €3,847. Compared to other large cities in Germany, rents in Frankfurt are relatively cheap.
Who can rent apartments in Frankfurt?
Apartment seekers can rent an apartment in Frankfurt as long as they are over 18 years of age. You will need to provide the necessary documents to sign a rental agreement.
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