Flaviar review 2023: A must for whiskey lovers? (2023)

If you like ghosts, you can't go wrong with Flaviar. For those wondering what it isFlaviar is an exclusive company of spirits for whiskey lovers.Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur or just enjoy the occasional drink with friends, Flaviar has something for everyone. While there is no shortage of Flaviar reviews on the internet, this will be an honest, in-depth review of Flaviar and what you can expect when you join this unique and exclusive subscription service.

What is Flavia?

flaviar isGhost Lovers ClubIt operates mostly online, but is based in New York City. The company was founded in 2012 and quickly became one of the largest alcohol clubs in the world.Through his online subscription, Flaviar receives a block calledOnline shoppingThis equates to $330,000 in monthly revenue for e-commerce businesses there.Clubs attract and retain members by offering them tasting boxes, standard bottles, access to exclusive events, as well as exclusive products for premium members - this is what distinguishes Flaviar from the competition.

How does Flavia work?

If you've read Flaviar member reviews, you know that the service offers many benefits to its members, such as:

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  • Exclusive access to the best brandsand other lesser-known baijiu brands. This allows members to enjoy a wide range of spirits from different companies.
  • easy registration.all you have to do is thisgo to their websiteand fill in the form. After becoming a member, you will be able to receive a bottle of premium wine and a themed wine tasting box every quarter of your choice. In addition to each themed tasting box, you will also receive
  • the iconic full-size bottlePopular brands like Johnnie Walker, Glenlivet and more
  • Initial number fieldAllows you to revisit all received bottles and tasting boxes
  • Dedicated to rare and private traffic jamsand personalized recommendations
  • Access to a large community of spiritual loversThey evaluate and analyze various spirits in tasting boxes.
  • Exclusive activities for membersYou can join and meet other alcohol connoisseurs.

If you've read Flaviar's signature reviews, you know that members can choose spirits from a wide range of well-known craft producers and distillers. This selection is updated regularly to keep it exciting and cater to all tastes of professional spirits connoisseurs.

Each themed tasting box contains a selection of drinks.Carefully selected, the flavors of each category are different. It also makes it easy to find your favorite spirits so you can create your own selection.

Inside themed tasting boxes,You will find here three carefully selected samples of premium spirits from around the world.The samples are packed in 45 ml bottles. You will also receive tasting notes and a collector's stand from the Flaviar brand.

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Manage your subscriptions

membership isupdated quarterly or annually, depending on the selected option. Flaviar allows its members to cancel their membership by logging into their account and selecting the unsubscribe option. Members can cancel orders within three days of purchase and receive a full refund. After delivery, the company does not accept returns.

Members can also suspend their membership. Members are informed that suspending their membership will prevent them from renewing their membership at the end of the prepayment period.

Shipping and packing

According to a 2022 Flavia reviewMembers have access to the finest whiskeys as well as premium brandy, vodka, gin, rum, tequila and mezcal.Flaviar delivers to all EU countries and some US states (to find out more about shipping to the US, visit the Flaviar website). Preparation for shipping usually takes 1 to 5 days, but shipping times may vary depending on your location. Members get free shipping on their orders.

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Strange fact:free delivery9 out of 10 people are encouraged to buy the product, some even claimPay more for faster delivery.are you one of them?

Tasting boxes contain sample bottles of various alcohols, packed every three months in a different theme. Members also have the option to purchase full-size bottles. The products are carefully packaged to protect their contents.Your package will be delivered in a cardboard box containing other boxes and each product will be carefully wrapped in foam.

How much does Flavia cost?

smellAssociations have two options; the first is quarterly and costs $95 per year or $35.67 per month for three months. There is also an annual option that costs $300/year and $25/month, saving you $80/year.

  • saving opportunities

Flaviar Club reviews indicate that members can benefit from lower costs. For example, an annual subscription to the service costs $300 per year, which saves you money80 $.You can also search online to findtalent promo codeSave a lot. Other saving opportunities include free shipping, only available to Flaviar members. FlaviaExclusive promotions such as the Valentine's Day Sale are regularly offered, ETC. There is one moreGet 10% off subscriptions as a gift.

  • lily

According to Flaviar Whiskey Club reviews, you can buyFlaviar affiliation as a giftOn the official website of Flaviar. There are also plenty of gift sets to choose from.

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customer service

Members can contact Flaviar by sending an emailsupport@flaviar.comor tweet @flaviar_com. You can also visit their Facebook page. Have more questions? No problem. The Flaviar website has a dedicated FAQ page that should answer most questions. According to almost all Flaviar customer reviews, the brand is highly rated for its customer-centric approach, which, in addition to high-quality products, must be what makes customers so loyal.

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creative showInconsistent delivery time
Includes custom coasters and round cardCarlo
Spirits are bottled in 1.5 oz bottles and presented in luxury boxes

How it compares - Flaviar alternatives

Although highly appreciated among alcohol lovers, Flaviar still has its competition. Here are some of those comparisons.

Flaviar x Caskers

Club Flaviar versus Sommelier

Flavia kontra Saloon Box

If you drink whiskey every month, Caskers might be a good choice for you. However, you will have to skimp on the quality a bit as it is no match for the premium brands Flaviar has in stock.Offers of the Sommeliers ClubIndividual signatures for different spirits(whiskey, tequila, wine, etc.). However, there were many complaints that the price of the drink is lower than the subscription box. This is not the case with Flaviar, which is famous for providing products of exceptionally high quality.This Flaviar replacement is a bit different becausethe box revolves around the cocktailTogether with the Saloon Box, you get a box with a recipe for a cocktail and a bottle of brandy needed to prepare it. Flaviar, on the other hand, offers members a standard bottle and many other benefits.
barrel loaderThe best because of the wide selection and customer servicewine tasting clubfamous for its cases of whiskeyLiving room boxBest for cocktail lovers
smellThe best choice for a wide range of quality bottled spirits, including amazing member benefits such as exclusive events, rare and private bottling and more.

Is the aroma worth it?

As with any other Flaviar review you'll find online, it's easy to see that if there's one thing Flaviar is famous for, it'sPremium spirits delivered to your doorThe subscription service allows its members to choose between two different membership and payment methods, allowing them to enjoy the best beverage brands from around the world.

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